A Pact in Favor of Humanity

A Pact in Favor of Humanity

We are pleased to announce that AVE has solidified its first agreement with a prominent European environmental organization: 3Bee. This Italian association is dedicated to working for the health of bees and, consequently, the recovery of their ecosystems.

AVE's management, led by the Passariello brothers, reached an agreement with Tomasso Tedeschi, the principal representative of 3Bee, under which AVE Sàrl-S will allocate 10% of the profits obtained from the marketing of its thematic products to projects driven by 3Bee in the ancient Italian peninsula.

This alliance reflects the direction we have decided to take as a company and as a brand. AVE is the result of over 20 years of continuous effort in favor of the environment, with thousands of hours devoted to scientific dissemination, environmental education, and ecological action. We define this work as our contribution to reforestation in the American tropics and now also to the cause of polarizing agents in Europe.

We work tirelessly for this to be the first of many new partnerships with organizations worldwide. We aim to collaborate hand in hand on various initiatives with the common goal of preserving threatened ecosystems and endangered species. This step represents a milestone in our mission and vision as a company committed to environmental sustainability.

Fabian Passariello


AVE Sàrl-S

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