About Us

AVE emerges as a brand strongly committed to environmental conservation. Our mission is to create accessories that promote projects aimed at fostering green thinking and the preservation of biological diversity, such as those we have been developing for more than two decades with our non-profit organization Proyecto AVE.

  • Our commitment

    To environmental advocacy defines us. For over 20 years,we have been driving initiatives in favor of environmental conservation.

  • Our approach

    Create a commercial brand to generate funds supporting initiatives aimed at conserving ecosystems endangered by human activities

  • As a result

    we allocate 10% of the profits from all our products to environmental conservation projects and biodiversity recovery.

  • AVE®

    Is the flagship brand of the Proyecto AVE, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting love and respect for nature.

Developed projects

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Publication of Books on Tropical Ornithology

Four editorial gems have been part of Proyecto AVE's work over the past 15 years. Hundreds of schools, universities, and various environmental organizations worldwide have benefited from the scientific content disseminated across the planet.

  • 100 Common birds of Táchira

  • 25 Venezuelan Tanagers

  • 25 Venezuelan hummingbirds

  • 50 Birds related to water bodies


Dozens of rural and indigenous communities have benefited from the environmental conservation education work promoted by Proyecto AVE in various South American countries.

La rencontre de 2 mondes

An event that combines a photography exhibition, the creation of an interactive book, and artistic intervention in a school foyer, encouraging active participation of children and their teachers.

The Passariello brothers

Have initiated a series of cultural activities aimed at promoting interest in environmental conservation, primarily targeting children and the general public.


Clemente Passariello

25 years ago the Passariello brothers started what was then a photographic inventory of the Venezuelan biovidersity. Today, after a long professional trajectory and a lot of action in favour of the planet, they founded AVE.

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Fabian Passariello

A brand created with the aim of continuing to promote educational and environmental conservation projects, AVE is much more than a commercial initiative, it is a commitment to a long-standing legacy with mother nature.

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