Tom Mahnen, A New Conscious Buyer.

Tom Mahnen, A New Conscious Buyer.

We are delighted to announce the commencement of our first season of eco-conscious sales, a novel strategy we've implemented to raise funds for the reforestation projects we champion in South America.

Tom Mahnen joins what we like to call "The select group of friends of Proyecto AVE," individuals who purchase AVE brand products knowing that they are not just meeting their own needs. With each purchase, they contribute to our various environmental initiatives.

In this instance, Tom Mahnen purchased a set of our:

Snapback Hat/6 panel - Adopt a Tree ecological hats, and 10% of our profit was allocated to the Tree Adoption Plan of the Chururú Project in Venezuela.

Tom Mahnen has been an invaluable ally to our organization and now to our new AVE brand, actively participating in native tree adoption plans in Venezuela, demonstrating his profound commitment to the cause.

The Chururú Project aims to restore and preserve the Andean tropical dry forest, a crucial ecosystem hosting unique biodiversity and playing a vital role in climate change mitigation. Tree adoption is a tangible action allowing individuals like Tom to directly contribute to the reforestation and conservation of this important habitat.

Tom Mahnen's involvement reinforces our belief that environmental conservation is a shared responsibility transcending borders and cultures. His commitment serves as an inspiring example for others, showcasing that every purchase action can contribute to a more sustainable future.

We invite all our followers to continue purchasing our items and thus support the Chururú Project and other environmental conservation initiatives. Together, we can make a significant difference in protecting our precious natural heritage.

Fabián Passariello
Proyecto AVE Team
AVE Sàrl-S

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