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Imagine a world where your actions have a positive global impact.

Every purchase you make not only gives you an exceptional product, but also makes you a protector of the environment and biodiversity.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does my purchase contribute to environmental conservation?

With every purchase, you not only become the proud owner of a beautiful garment with a unique and original design, but you also become an environmental superhero! Imagine that with every purchase you make you are contributing to different educational projects and environmental conservation programs, it's simple, choose the cause you identify with and become part of that select group of people who buy with purpose.

By purchasing our products you are supporting organizations that promote projects to safeguard biodiversity. In this first season we are supporting tree planting in South America, safeguarding bees in Europe, caring for turtles in the Mediterranean and promoting educational projects on ornithological diversity in Luxembourg.

What kind of conservation projects does the store support?

We support a wide range of environmental projects in partnership with organisations dedicated to reforestation, wildlife protection and ocean clean-up. And we're always looking for creative ways to help the planet, so get ready to be part of the team!

How is the 10% of income allocated to environmental projects calculated?

There's no magic formula, but almost!

We grab our calculators, add up all the income from your purchases, subtract the pile of bills and taxes and then do a mathematical trick to make sure that exactly 10% of our profits go directly to our green projects.

Can I learn more details about the specific projects benefiting from my purchases?

We are more than happy to share all the details about the projects and organizations we support. From photos of our planted trees to updates on the wildlife we are protecting, you can check out our 'About Us' section, where you'll be able to link to each and every one of the projects we support.


Discover what our customers say about us. Real testimonials that reflect our dedication, quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • Nelson - Colombia

    La gorras me encantan, además que me hace feliz saber que estoy contribuyendo con proyectos de reforestación en Suramérica.



  • Manuela - France -

    J'adore ma casquette! Parfaite pour planter des arbres. La porter me rend heureux. Je vais continuer à l'utiliser pour rendre notre planète plus verte et meilleure pour tout le monde!


  • Tom - Luxembourg

    I like the concept of this brand, I am happy to know that there are entrepreneurs who care about the environment, continue your hard work, you have my support.



  • Katty - EEUU -

    I had always wondered how I could participate in conservation projects and didn't know how, now I can even direct my support where I want and I have a beautiful cap.


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